Portable Storage


for every application

Whether you're planning a huge move or just need extra storage space,
Blue Box Sales and Rentals has you covered!

Who we are

Blue Box Sales and Rentals is a family-owned, portable storage unit company located in Tioga County, Pennsylvania. We serve the local cities of Williamsport, Lewisburg, Mansfield, Wellsboro, as well as parts of New York. With Blue Box, you can say goodbye to traveling to your storage unit. We bring the storage unit to your location!

We rent storage boxes to clients on a monthly basis. In addition to renting, customers have the option to purchase their storage containers. Prices range from $3200 - $7000; call 570-419-0245 for current pricing. All of the containers at Blue Box Sales and Rentals are built with a steel structure and slip-resistant floor and are watertight, mouse-proof, leak-proof, and - most importantly - theft-proof.

What our storage units offer


You never need to go to your storage unit again. We bring our container right to your location.


Whether your concern is weather or creatures, our storage units will surpass your expectations.


Built with a steel structure, our storage containers cannot be broken into.

Your valuables are safe inside!

What our clients are saying

Very fast delivery, good reliable equipment, and professional service! Extremely happy customer!

Kevin S.

Customer Service was outstanding!

Josh B.

answers to FAQs

What areas do you service?

We service the cities of Williamsport, Lewisburg, Mansfield, and Wellsboro, as well as parts of New York.

Are Your Storage Units Secure?

Yes! Our containers are watertight, leak-proof, mouse-proof, built with a steel structure and cannot be broken into.

in what ways can your storage units be used?

Whether you just need some extra storage space for your extra items or you are a contractor looking for a secure place to store supplies and tools, our storage containers can be the answer. Other uses for these containers include job site storage and temporary inventory storage.

what is the cost of your storage units?

Pricing ranges from $3200 - $7000 per storage container. Please call us at 570.419.0245 and we will be glad to give you up-to-date information!

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